House for sale in South France

The Activities

A Dream of the South in Gascony (southwest France)
directly from German Owners

3 bedrooms, 1 large bathroom, approx. 176 m² habitable area,
approx. 10,050 m² (approx. 2.5 acres) plot of land

There is plenty to do in the area.

Sports Activities

  • Hiking
  • Swimming (outdoor pools, swimming lakes)
  • Two large reservoirs within a distance of on 6-8 km (5-10 minutes by car), each of more than 100 hectares surface

Reservoir Asterac
Reservoir Lac de la Gimone

  • Fishing
  • Cycling (hilly surroundings with height differences of approx. 300 meters)
  • two large golf courses
  • Horse riding.

Festivities and festivals

The Gascognians like to celebrate extensively. Even the smallest village has its own village festival. It usually lasts from Friday afternoon to Sunday night.

Many festivals take place every year, like

  • external link Jazz in Marciac , a very famous two-week jazz festival that attracts visitors from all over France and even jazz lovers from abroad, in early August
  • external link Country à Mirande , a three-day western festival with several American country singers, in early July
  • external link Tempo Latino in Vic-Fezensac, friends of South American music get their money's worth for three days, at the end of July
  • external link Festival d'astronomie (Festival International du Ciel et de l'Espace) in Fleurance, early August
  • external link Fête de la Bande Dessinée in Eauze, one-day comic exhibition in which many well-known French comic artists take part, in early August


Olive standThe markets in the south of France have their own flair. So also in the department Gers. The big markets are like a department store: a wide range of food, essentials and superfluous items for daily use are offered for sale.

The small markets usually only offer food, but they are fresh from the region, often from private producers in their own garden. There you can discover real specialties. In summer, for example, after a few damp days, wild mushrooms (girolles) that were collected early in the morning.

The mood is calm and leisurely. There is always time for a chat when shopping.

Not to forget the flea markets , where you can find everything from crooked nails to antiques.