House for sale in South France

The Garden

A Dream of the South in Gascony (southwest France)
directly from German Owners

3 bedrooms, 1 large bathroom, approx. 176 m² habitable area,
approx. 10,050 m² (approx. 2.5 acres) plot of land

The property is divided into several areas with flowers, bushes and mature trees. For keen gardeners this is a perfect property.

There is plenty of space to install a large swimmingpool.

The garden room / yard behind the house is not visible from outside and forms a private place with the buildings and the natural pond, approx. 180 . A level lawn adjoins the yard as a play area.

Garden room in the yard

natural pond
Natural pond , approx. 180 m²

Behind the hangar is the exotic garden, in which the dream of southern vegetation is implemented. In the garden grow olive trees, various palm trees, banana trees, figs, quinces, pomegranate, strawberry tree bushes, a persimmon tree, cannas, Asian citrus trees, oleanders and much more.


The rear area of ​​the property of approx. 6,500 m² was leased for grain cultivation in the first years.

In order to protect this area and their own garden from agrochemicals, the owners planted 63 walnut trees there in 1999, which protect the property to the north.

Walnut tree plantation